Solar Water Pumps

Solar Domestic Pumps :

These low cost, high efficiency, highly reliable, positive displacement pumps are ideal for rural domestic use. Working voltage 12 & 24 VDC direct from one 80 - 100 watt PV panel. Maximum Vertical Lift is 20 m approx. and flow between 5 & 12 LPM.  Our Solar Current Booster can increase the flow capacity by additional 30 %.

Solar submersible pumps :

These highly reliable pumps can operate directly from 24 & 36 VDC, 150 watt PV Panel. The Maximum Vertical Lift is 100 M and the flow around 443 LPH.

Solar Irrigation Pumps :

This is an ideal pump for Agriculture use with the proven track record of Reliability and Ruggedness in the harsh environment. It can be directly fed from an array of PV Panels having 750 watts at 36 VDC. The vertical lift is 8 M with the capacity of 114,000 LPD in 8 Hrs. operation.