Renewable Energy Turnkey Projects

Western Technology is Exporting US Green Technology to the World

  • Since 1991 we have been in the field of Alternate Energy
  • We have been exporting the US manufactured Alternate Energy Products in several countries with Technology and Service back-ups
  • We offer Energy Saving and Water Pumping Solutions to local and overseas territories
Track Record of Turnkey Projects:
  • Solar Water Pumping - We have completed more than ( 16 ) water pumping Projects and Exported Solar Pumps and Accessories to the Customers for their specific Projects as Technology Transfer.
  • Solar Water Heaters - We have completed ( 2 ) Solar Water Heater Manufacturing Projects for technology transfer to our Customers
  • Solar Photo Voltaic - We have prepared ( 5 ) Solar Photo Voltaic Panel Turn Key Panel Manufacturing Technology Projects for our Customers
  • Rooftop Electricity - Completed ( 8 ) Turnkey projects.
  • Small Wind Turbine - Transferred ( 2 ) Turn Key Technology to Customers
  • Solar Cooling Project for Manufacturing Facility -Completed Turn Key project report.
  • Prepared Business Plan of a $15.00 and $60.00 million Municipal Solid Waste to Alternate Energy projects for a U.S company. The technology source was a Czech Republic company.